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J. ROBERT DEANS is a forty-something-year-old white dude from South Carolina…but don’t let that stop you (he managed to escape). After years of retail and non-profit work, he started Crass Fed Comics as a weekly web comic to accompany his regular blog, the (In) Complete Resource to Virtually Nothing. Deans also created The Adventures of Surf and Turf, a farm-based comic strip starring a Cow and Penguin.

(Theme? What theme?)

In 2014, almost by accident, Deans created SHAKES THE COW based on his Kidlet’s favorite toy. Shakes’ first adventure, MOO THOUSAND AND PUN, which put Shakes into space, followed soon thereafter. His next book, THE BEAR FROM A.U.N.T., is a parody of The Man From UNCLE TV series and features Stanley, a bear superspy. Deans, along with his wife and Kidlet, formed Deans Family Productions (DFP) to create children’s books, comics, and cookbooks, all of which are a labor of love for the family.

In addition to updates on this web site, or the Deans Family Productions home page, and the archived cartoons and writings stored at the ICRVN and CrassFed.com, you can follow Deans on the following social media platforms: