Commissions and HEROES

Hi All!

Sorry for the radio silence of late, but writing and drawing two books at once is a lot of work!

But…I did it!  Shakes and Stanley will each have a new adventure for readers this year, and both will debut at HEROES CON in Charlotte on June 16th!

I will have copies of both MOO FAST, MOO FURRYOUS and THE CASE OF THE CHICANE MUTINY on hand, plus copies of Shakes and Stanley’s previous adventures, and a few other fun things.  Don’t forget, every hardcover book gets a free SHAKES print!  (Ask nicely, and I might even make that TWO prints.)

Also, I will doing commissions at the show, but you can order them early from me by emailing me via the contact form to figure out exact pricing.  Here is a sampling of my non-book art, along with basic pricing.

Commissions Advert


Let me know if you have any questions!  Once I have the table number, I will update this post accordingly.

See you all there!



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