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Hi there!

This site contains all you need to know about children’s book writer, artist, and cartoonist J. Robert Deans (uh…that’s me), including upcoming shows, books, writings, and cartoons!

I could import everything from the Crass Fed and ICRVN sites, but that would be TONS of stuff.

Instead, I am going to leave their archives up for your perusal. In the near future, I will start incorporating “greatest hits” into the blog (“Words & Pictures”). After about a year, I will shut them down, and offer all of crassfed.com in a book (physical and digital), with selections from the icrvn blog. That may change, but for now, check out these sites for my earlier work:

  • CRASS FED: Comics and Cartoons, from July 2012 to July 2016
  • ICRVN BLOG: Musings, Reviews, and Commentary (with some art), from 1997 to May 2016
  • MISCELLANY: Miscellaneous sites, including galleries of my art collection, and other cartoons

Thanks for stopping by!